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3 thoughts on “Contact Kat

  1. Barbara

    Such a provocative and wonderful interview with Kaila Prins. I was quite moved…. I left Kaila a comment with my question (below) but I’m not certain it went through….

    Do you have a working link for WATCH: #thisgirlcan ??

    My youtube comes up as private, and I would really like to view what you and Kaila spoke about….

    (This is what comes up when I click the link provided:

    Thank you so much for all you do!

    1. katwhitfield

      Post author

      Hi Barbara!

      I’m so glad that you enjoyed the interview. I loved the conversation we got to have — and any excuse I can get to talk about health and fitness advertising!

      I’m not sure about a youtube link, but here is a link to the campaign’s website. I haven’t looked too extensively into it, but what I saw I liked!

      Thank YOU for your support!


  2. Marlene

    So I found Bob Harper’s “Skinny Rules” at a yard sale. Glanced through at home… Seemed like BS so I looked for reviews. I happily found your review and was so entertained! I know I am way late to the party but thank you for making me laugh and shedding some insight on this book.


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