After announcing that I'd make a Facebook page by the end of April, I finally took the plunge.

Hey, I'm only a month late...

In any case, if you enjoy my articles and want to get a little more in the week between posts, go ahead and follow Making Sense of Modern Fitness on Facebook!  Click the link here or just click the little 'like' box on the sidebar to your right.

Nothing more for you guys today, sadly...unless you're following me on Facebook! But here's a cute puppy for you in the meantime:


Just a small update - I've transferred my site from WordPress.com over to WordPress.org.  That may not sound too exciting, but it means I get to customize this site a TON more, and I get to offer some sweet new content for you all.  More on that in the next month or so, yay!

The bottom right was basically my face when I realized I could have more control over the appearance and function of my website, yaaaaayyyy!

The bottom right was basically my face when I realized I could have more control over the appearance and function of my website, yaaaaayyyy!

But in the meantime...

What does the transfer mean for me?

Nothing, probably.  But if you've subscribed to my blog with your wordpress.com account, you'll no longer receive email notifications of new posts.  I sincerely hope you've been enjoying the content, so if you'd still like to receive notifications, please take a second to fill in your email at the sidebar to the right, under "Keep the bullshit at bay!"

I have been putting a ton of effort and taking the assistance of The Marketing Heaven to market my content. I truly appreciate everyone that reads and comments on my articles. It means a lot, and I love getting discussion going on these topics.  I'm hoping that the transition doesn't hurt the small community here too much, so if you subscribe, thank you!

What's coming up?

More free stuff!  Seriously.  Here's what I've got in the works:

"Beginners Corner"

My website is called "Making Sense of Modern Fitness," and sometimes I don't feel like my content lives up to the name.  After I've decimated yet another fitness or diet plan, where does that leave you, the reader?  I talk constantly about what doesn't work, but you also need to know what does.

To that extent, I've got a large amount of material I'll hopefully be able to release for complete fitness and nutrition beginners by mid to late April.  Ebooks, printable guides, and all sorts of other goodies.

Facebook Page

I always seem to have little stories sitting around that I want to share my thoughts on and get discussion with you all going, but they're too short to merit a whole blog post.  To that extent, I'm working on getting myself committed to making and maintaining a facebook page.  That will probably be done by mid to late April as well!

Email Course - The Language of Evidence

This is more of a long-term project, and it's going to be awesome.  Essentially a 101 on how to go from getting all your advice from Mercola or NaturalNews to being a PubMed pro.  What counts as evidence?  Exactly why are some things considered credible evidence and why aren't others?  Why do people rudely discount my personal experiences?

As far as when this will be done, that's a good question and you can be sure I'll be too excited to keep it to myself when I do know.

Again, please take a moment to subscribe by entering you email to the sidebar on the right!  I've got a great guide coming up tomorrow about how to pick out a great personal trainer, even if you don't know much about the field, so keep a heads up for that!

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I've made a few additions to the site so I figured I'd give some space to touch on them a bit:

Release of "Let's Sharpen Our Bullshit Detectors!" - finally!

Mouse on over to the sidebar or the "Free Fitness Industry Guidebook" tab to download your copy!  No email address, you won't get added to any unwanted newsletters, just click to download.

This one has been a long time in the making and I'm already thinking forward to something much larger.  I must have cut out at least 20 pages of material just to trim it down to a reasonable size.  In any case, I put a fair amount of time into this one so please let me know what you think once you get through it - and if you enjoyed it pass it along to a friend.  I encourage sharing.

Next on the chop block: "The Virgin Diet" by JJ Virgin

Tactful title, don't you think?

Tactful title, don't you think?

This one is going to be a lot of work.  I've only gotten through the first 2 chapters so far and there's a lot to learn as well as a lot to critique already.

The premise is that the root of all our weight woes is food intolerance.  A lofty claim with a lot of smaller parts that each need to be addressed.  I was spoiled by Harper's books since he would provide references to many of his claims - no such luck here.  I foresee a lot of time exploring PubMed in my future.

I'll probably be needing to get some outside help on this one, so if you are or know anyone who would be a good source for information on:

  • Gut bacteria
  • IBS
  • 'Anti-nutrients' such as gluten and lectin
  • Inflammation

and would be willing to help out, let's get in touch!

Openings for Online Training

There's another shiny new tab at the top - I'm opening up some time to take on a few more online clients, hooray!

While in the past I've taken clients for almost any goal, I'd really like to start fine-tuning and tailoring my approach.  I'm looking for beginner clients - ones who don't have a ton of experience with training and exercise, maybe having never even stepped foot in a gym!

Since it's fairly niche, I'm always looking for other online providers to refer out to if someone who inquires isn't a good match.

In any case, that about wraps up my announcements for now!  Let's close out with one of my favorite puppy videos: