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I spend a pretty hefty amount of time reading blogs about fitness, nutrition and health.  Here are a few of my favorites by category.  Still a work in progress!

On Bullshit and Skeptical Thinking

Evil Sugar Radio Podcast 

James Randi Pigasus Awards  - The Pigasus Awards are granted to those who sell ideas so dreadful, so manipulative and so blatantly incorrect that they deserved public recognition.  (Dr. Oz has been on there three times.  Check it out!)

Media Guide to Skepticism - Just a quick write up of what skeptical thinking is and isn't.

Carl Sagan's "Bologna Detection Kit" - A good article on BrainPickings summarizing the tools you need for detecting bologna (or as I like to call it, bullshit), as he writes in The Demon-Haunted World, my top suggestion in my recommended reading list!

Reading Scientific Studies

How to read and understand a scientific paper: a guide for non-scientists - by Jennifer Raff

Evaluating medical information on the web

Strength Training Advice and Motivation

Women's Strength Training Series - by Alexander Cortes

Women - Be More, Not Less

Ladies, Measurements Don't Matter

Strength Doesn't Have a Gender

Getting Started with Weight Training - by Krista Scott-Dixon

Worship at the Altar of the Goddess of Form

Basics of a Routine

Body Image and Disordered Eating

"Eating Disorders" category - GoKaleo

Fad Diets - Normalizing Disordered Behavior

I'm Calling for a New Paradigm

Cellulite: It's time we all just get the hell over it

Body Acceptance & The Realities of being lean - Molly Galbraith

Part I: It's Hard Out Here for a Fit Chick

Part II: It's Hard Out Here for a Fit Chick

Is Being Lean Really Worth it?

FUCK CALORIES & Other Dietary Heresies - by Krista Scott-Dixon

Download Here (Must enter email, but very worth it)


Metabolic Rate Series - by GoMaleo

Part I: Metabolic Derangement

Part II: Why you might not need to lose weight

Part III: Extreme Calorie Restriction

Metabolic Damage Series - by Layne Norton

Listen to all 3 parts on YouTube

On Caloric Intake - by Armi Legge

Why Calories Count


Everything you ever wanted to know about supplements and the latest nutrition craze

Lots of beginner-friendly, realistic nutrition advice and how to actually use it.  Check out their email course.

Precision Nutrition

Great reviews of nutrition studies.  Has great blog posts and a monthly nutrition review subscription - cheap and worth it if you're into this kind of stuff.

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